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BBC Kids is a Canadian English-language Category B cable and satellite specialty channel that is owned as a joint venture between Knowledge West Communications (which serves as managing partner and owns a majority 80% interest), an entity of the Government of British Columbia as a crown corporation under Knowledge Network, and BBC Worldwide (which owns the remaining 20%), the latter being a commercial division of the British Broadcasting Corporation. It operates as a commercial-free channel that airs programming aimed at youth ranging from preschoolers to teenagers.

Theodore aired Monday to Friday at 6:05 AM.

Theodore Tugboat aired from 2005 to August 28, 2009.

Episodes Aired (in order of broadcast)

  1. Theodore and the Boat Bully
  2. Emily's New Hat
  3. Theodore and the Lost Bell Buoy
  4. Theodore and the Missing Barge
  5. Foduck and the Rainbow
  6. George and the Underwater Mystery
  7. Foduck's Hurt Feelings
  8. Emily and the Tug-Of-War
  9. Theodore's Tough Tugging
  10. Theodore's Whistle
  11. George's Ghost
  12. Theodore Changes Sides
  13. Night Shift
  14. Whale of a Tug
  15. Theodore and the Oil Rig
  16. Hank and the Hug
  17. Theodore and the Homesick Rowboat
  18. Carla the Cool Cabin Cruiser
  19. The Dark and Scary Cove
  20. Hank and the Mermaid
  21. The Tugboat Pledge
  22. Theodore to the Rescue
  23. A Joke Too Far
  24. Theodore and the Ice Ship
  25. Big Harbour Fools Day
  26. Grumpy Garbage Barge
  27. Theodore Hugs the Coast
  28. Hank's Hiccups
  29. Hank's New Name
  30. Theodore and the Northern Lights
  31. Big Harbour Birthday
  32. Theodore's Big Friend
  33. Foduck Stays Home
  34. Theodore's Bad Dreams
  35. Theodore and the Welcome
  36. Emergency
  37. Theodore and the Bluenose
  38. The Day Ice Came to the Harbour
  39. Emily and the Rocket
  40. Theodore the Vegetable
  41. Best Friends
  42. Theodore in the Middle



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