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"Happy Birthday, Theodore!"
— The tugboats and boats

Big Harbour Birthday/
Theodore's Birthday Surprise

Andrew Cochran


The Harbour Master
(Denny Doherty)

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Big Harbour Birthday retitled Theodore's Birthday Surprise is the eleventh episode of the third season.


It's Theodore's birthday, but besides Theodore, no one seems to remember. He does get to be tug in charge, and Pearl, the normally bossy pilot ship, actually helps him with a job by making a game out of it. But all through his busy day Theodore keeps expecting a party. Finally forced to accept that his friends have forgotten about his special day, Theodore returns to the dock, dejected. That mood doesn't last long. When he looks up he sees everyone waiting for him at the dock. It is a wonderful surprise. Even Benjamin Bridge is decorated! The tugs sing "Happy Birthday" on their whistles and play games until the sun goes down, and Theodore agrees that it's the best birthday ever.



  • In the first scenes, Theodore is clearly being pulled by a string. This is probably because it would be hard to drive his model around the dock with all the tugs there.


  • Bobby barge is mistakenly called Bonnavista barge.
    • Also, he is mistaken as a female due to the fact that Bonnavista is a female barge, and is the only female barge.
  • In some cases, this episode is unofficially called Theodore's Birthday.


Big Harbour Birthday13:47

Big Harbour Birthday

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