• Type: Bell Buoy

Blankston is a buoy that Theodore helped steer Elo Echo away from a dangerous rock.


Whenever Bedford isn't feeling well, Blankston can always share his spot like he did in the episodes Different Strokes - Different Boats, and Theodore the Vegetable.


Blankston is coloured red and white just like Bedford and Bingham. He is said to be marker buoy number 6, so he also has the aforementioned number painted in red on his side.



  • Blankston was never mentioned by name, he was just called Blandford and Bedford by mistake.
  • Blankston and Bingham have the same kind of eyes.
  • Blankston's model was later used for Bingham.
Big Harbour Buoys
BedfordBinghamBlandfordBlankstonThe Broken Bell Buoys

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