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"Ooh, that's going to be trouble!"
— Brunswick, Foduck In Reverse, Fifth Season

  • Type: Barge

Brunswick is a barge that is always looking for thrills and chills. He is good friends with Bayswater and they are usually looked after by Theodore. Once, he got his thrilling wish of when a storm caused him to run aground on some rocks, where he thought he had been eaten by a giant snorkel clam. He usually works alongside Bayswater Barge, but once got into an argument with him. He was once told a story by Foduck when him and Bayswater who couldn't sleep.



  • Brunswick's model was sold on eBay.
  • Brunswick's cabin was recycled from Bobby's.
  • His name likely comes from Brunswick Street in Halifax.
  • He is named after the territory in Canada "New Brunswick".



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