"That hurt!"
— Gloria Cornwallis

Bumper Buddies

David Coole


Andrew Cochran


Jeff Rosen


The Harbour Master
(Denny Doherty)

Air date

July 14th 1993

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True Blue Friends

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Bumper Buddies is the eighth episode of the first season.


One afternoon, Theodore and Foduck are returning home after they finished their work. They both then had an idea to button Bedford, the marker buoy. They raced towards Bedford. Theodore took the lead when Foduck races ahead. Foduck then bumps him as a result. The bump really hurt. Foduck then thinks that it could be their new secret. But Theodore was already turning to go, crying.

Theodore went to The Great Ocean Tug And Salvage Company Dock where George was. Theodore told George all about it, and then hurried away.

The next morning, Theodore, Foduck and George were bringing in a large container ship who's name was Gloria Cornwallis. Gloria Cornwallis was piled high with large containers to be unloaded on the shore, and Pearl, the pilot boat, guided the big container ship to the dock. The closer they got to the dock, the more worried Theodore became, as being afraid that Foduck would bump him again. Theodore was so worried that he wasn't paying attention to what was happening at the moment. Pearl told Theodore to be careful, and Gloria agreed with her. Suddenly, Theodore began to push the container ship in the wrong direction! The big container ship bumped into the dock. Theodore apologized to Gloria.

Later, Pearl called Theodore over for a talk, and Pearl had a very sour look on her face. Pearl gave Theodore a talking to and she explained that Theodore would have to do a much better job tomorrow, where they would take the big container ship out of the harbour with George and Foduck. Theodore didn't know what to think.

Theodore just couldn't bear to be bumped by Foduck anymore, so instead of Theodore just telling Foduck what happened, Theodore tried to avoid Foduck. So he went under Owan, the giant oil rig.

That night, Foduck came to Theodore and Owan. Theodore then told Foduck that they weren't friends anymore which hurt Foduck's feelings.

The next day, Theodore and Foduck thought of buttoning Bedford, but they couldn't because they weren't talking to each other anymore. Theodore then misses playing with Foduck, and that is when Theodore drops the bomb to Foduck. Foduck was sad, (not because Theodore didn't like Foduck bumping him), but that Theodore didn't tell Foduck in the first place. Foduck and Theodore promised to tell each other if they don't like something, and now, they were good friends again.



  • Even though this is Owan's first appearance he does not get his loud nature until Night Shift.
  • This is the first episode to feature Bedford Buoy with eyebrows.

Video Release

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Dutch Botsmaatjes Boat Buddies


  • When Gloria Cornwallis cries "That hurt!" a hand can be seen holding her hull in the down left corner.



Theodore Tugboat-Bumper Buddies-213:19

Theodore Tugboat-Bumper Buddies-2

English Dub

Theodoor Sleepboot-Botsmaatjes (Bumper Buddies-Dutch)-013:19

Theodoor Sleepboot-Botsmaatjes (Bumper Buddies-Dutch)-0

Dutch Dub

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