CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) is a Canadian TV network. It is the channel Theodore Tugboat originally aired on. They showed all 130 episodes from 1993 - 2002. Theodore Tugboat would air Monday to Friday at 11:00AM in 1 episode segements during the 'Get Set For Life' segment.


  • Though Theodore Tugboat has been off the air on CBC for over ten years, they still have three promotional posters of Canadian tapes without titles in the offices. This was shown in the CBC original series This Hour Has 22 Minutes in a parody segement tittled "Lady Pee"
  • In the book "Here's Looking at us, 50 years of CBC" Theodore has a blurb in the section 90's and beyond.
  • In the CBC's program libary the episodes were grouped in 9 seasons, with each season having 15 episodes.

Order Of Airing

  1. Theo's Big Decision
  2. George's Funny Noise
  3. Hank Makes A Friend
  4. Foduck Blows His Stack
  5. Theo and the Buoy Boat
  6. Theo Gets Lost
  7. Hank's Funny Feeling
  8. Theo and the Runaway Ferry
  9. What Rubbish
  10. Theo and the Scared Ship
  11. Foduck in Reverse
  12. Hank and the Sinking Ship

NOTE : All titles from this list have been sourced from CBC television schdules , therefore they will retain there shorter titles.



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