• Type: Container Ship

Catherine is a big container ship that visited the Big Harbour a few times.


Catherine is a big container ship who carried a "double" load and gave Theodore and George a difficult time trying to move her. She almost crashed into Owan but Emily soon came to the rescue. She was also seen in George and the Underwater Mystery when Theodore and George were docking her and George gave a lot of orders to Theodore.


Due to the fact that Catherine's hull and superstructure is the same as Henry Eben's, Catherine's hull is painted a pinkish-brown, but a lighter kind of brown, and her superstructure is painted yellow-grey. So it is revealed that Catherine is Henry Eben, but her name is painted differently.



  • Her hull and superstructure was previously used for Henry Eben, and was later used for Caroquette.
  • Catherine's colour appearance is almost like Henry Eben's.


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