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Emergency is the seventh episode of the second season.


It was another day in the Big Harbour, and the Dispatcher didn't have any jobs for the tugs just yet, so they could have free time. On the other hand, Foduck, tells the Dispatcher that the tugs should practice in signal flag class. George complains about having to attend Foduck's signal flag class.

When the signal flag class started, Foduck showed a flag that said; "I am leaving for the ocean." and another one said that they're dragging his anchor. Then, Foduck showed another flag and asked George to tell what it means. After a long pause, George admits that he doesn't know what it means, and that he doesn't care. Foduck reveals that the flag meant "I am in trouble" and everyone really needed to know that one, but George already leaves, stating that the signal flag class is silly, and if a ship is in trouble, they can call George on their radio. Foduck showed another flag that meant: "DANGER, STAY AWAY!"

By the time the signal flag class was over, Hank says that his brain is sore from memorizing all those flags, and George agrees with Hank, but was the only one who was chuckling.

Throughout the week, the tugs were moving ships to and from the harbour, but not one of them had used any signal flags.

Later, George asks Foduck if he used any signal flags, but Foduck answers 'no' who didn't like the question, and George still thought the signal flags are silly.

The next morning, Theodore and George were watching out for an arriving cargo ship and they both decided to split up. While George was investigating, George sighted the ship that leaned on a rock. The ship was unable to speak, and the ship tried to call George on the radio, but her radio must be broken. The ship even tried to raise signal flags, but George couldn't remember what they mean, and for the first time, George wished that he listened to Foduck's signal flag class, and George was about to go and see for himself what's wrong, but Theodore appears so instantly and almost collides with George. Theodore tells George that the flags mean that the ship is in trouble, and you are running into danger. The two tugs peered closely at the water and glimpsed at some jagged rocks beneath the water. Theodore and George have a plan to get a floating log and attach most of their tow ropes onto the log so the ship could reach their ropes. The two tugs pulled with all their might and at last, the cargo ship was free from the dangerous and jagged rocks.

When the two tugs arrive at the Great Ocean Dock, all the other tugs congratulates them, and now George apologizes to Foduck and wants to learn more signal flags in Foduck's signal flag class.



  • Stock footage from Theodore and the Big Harbour is used.
  • An alternate scene from Theodore the Vegetable is also used.
  • The flags Foduck raises in his signal flag class are Papa, Yankee, Victor, and Uniform.
  • The flags used at the end of the episode are Kilo and Charlie.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Norwegian Signalflagg Signal Flags
Finnish Hätätapaus Emergency
Danish Nødsituation Emergency

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Theodore Tugboat-Emergency14:52

Theodore Tugboat-Emergency

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