"It's nice to be on the ocean but the best part is when you sail into new harbours and meet new ships for the first time."
— Emily, Emily the Vigorous, Second Season
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  • Type: Ocean Tug
  • V-word: Vigorous

Emily is the only female tug in the The Big Harbour. She wears a turquoise fishing hat.


Emily the Vigorous loves to be admired and hates to look silly in front of her friends, because they always have high expectations for her and look up to her as a leader. But she always comes to find that her friends are there to help her, even if she doesn't ask for their help. She usually gets into arguments with George, but they always resolve their disagreements. But no matter how upset Emily gets, she always shows her kind spirits and female strength. She is friends with Carla although she nearly got Emily into trouble when she encouraged her to break the rules. Emily once wanted to be called Annapolis in Hank's New Name, which also happens to be her middle name. Once, Carla got her into trouble by hiding Bonnavista in a cove.



Emily is loosely based on Point Halifax tugboat modified on a fictional design


  • Emily is the only tug to have had more than one hat.
  • She is the only female tug in the Big Harbour.
  • Emily's whistle is the same horn sound used for the Tanker Truck in Toy Story (1995), with the pitch lowered by a minor 3rd.
  • Emily's model is on display at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic
  • Some of her facial expressions were offered for sale on eBay. 
  • Emily's small scale model (used for far shots) was offerd for sale on eBay as well as her face masks.
  • In the French version of the show, Emily's name is spelt Émilie.
  • In the Finnish version, Emily is called Emilia, she was called Emma in Theodore and the Homesick Rowboat by accident.
  • also In the Finnish dub, Emily had an Italian accent in Theodore and the Oil Rig.
  • Emily's middle name is "Annapolis" which comes from the Annapolis County in Nova Scotia. In Hank's New Name, she wanted her middle name to be her first name too.
  • Emily shares the same emergency horn as Foduck's.


  • ERTL (diecast, press 'N' roll, bath toy; all discontinued)
  • Brio (discontinued)


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