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"Girl tugs can't do tug of war!"
— George
Emily and the Tug-Of-War

David Coole


Andrew Cochran


Andrew Cochran
Jeff Rosen


The Harbour Master
(Denny Doherty)

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Emily and the Tug-Of-War is the nineteenth episode of the third season.


George refuses to let Emily play 'tug-of-war', just because she is a girl tug. Emily is so furious with George that she refuses to work with him. However, when George has trouble with Catherine, the Container Ship, Emily arrives just in time to keep the big ship from crashing into Owan, the Oil Rig. The rescue helps George realize just how strong Emily is. He apologizes by inviting her to join in on the next game of tug-of-war.



  • Some clips of this episode is seen in a Theodore Tugboat Qubo commercial.


Theodore Tugboat-Emily And The Tug Of War14:51

Theodore Tugboat-Emily And The Tug Of War

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