"Foduck! Stop spraying that fire hose!"
— The Dispatcher
Foduck's Hurt Feelings

Peter Sutherland


Andrew Cochran


Andrew Cochran
Jeff Rosen


The Harbour Master
(Denny Doherty)

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Foduck's Hurt Feelings is the first episode of the fourth season.


One morning, while the Dispatcher was having a meeting with Emily, Theodore requested Foduck to spray his fire hose. While playing, Foduck chases Theodore around and Foduck accidentally sprays the Dispatcher with his fire hose. The Dispatcher yells at Foduck to stop spraying that fire hose, and right away, Foduck feels so bad that he just left. After the discussion, the Dispatcher wanted to have a word with Foduck, but Foduck was nowhere to be seen.

Foduck was doing his regular safety patrol, making sure that everything is shipshape in the Big Harbour. Now usually, Foduck really enjoys doing the job, but somehow, he wasn't today. Foduck still felt so bad that he has gotten yelled at. Then, Foduck assumes that it must be because the Dispatcher must not like him anymore. That made Foduck so sad.

Meanwhile, Theodore was moving Barrington barge to the oil refinery for the oil barrels were unloaded on the shore. Theodore spied Foduck moping around the harbour, seeming like there is something definitely wrong. Theodore takes Barrington home and sets off to find out what was the matter.

Foduck was hiding in a cove, when Theodore arrived and desperately wanted Foduck to spray his fire hose, but Foduck didn't want to and insisted Theodore to go away. Theodore just didn't know why Foduck was so grumpy like that. He just headed off.

Later, Foduck decided to go home to the Great Ocean dock, but then he thought that the Dispatcher didn't like him anymore still. Foduck instead decided to leave the Big Harbour forever. While leaving, Foduck sighted some oil barrels and knows that the barrels would sink instantly. Foduck blows his emergency whistle and Theodore comes to the rescue. They both plan to tie their tow ropes together and lead the barrels back to the oil refinery.

Theodore and Foduck secure the barrels neatly when they arrive at the oil refinery. Suddenly, Foduck feels so bat not only that he has been yelled at, but because Foduck yelled at Theodore thought that he has officially ruined his friendship with Theodore. Foduck explains everything to Theodore and Theodore first of all said that they were still friends and Foduck just seemed to have a bad day, and then he thinks that maybe Foduck should ask if the Dispatcher is still his friend, even though he has yelled at Foduck.

Foduck comes to the Dispatcher and the Dispatcher tells Foduck that he has been looking for him all day and that he was sorry for yelling at him because he just lost his temper. Foduck explains that he thought the Dispatcher didn't like him anymore, but the Dispatcher says that he'll always like Foduck no matter what, and Foduck says the same thing to the Dispatcher. The Dispatcher asks Foduck to do a favor as for spraying his fire hose on him so that the Dispatcher can cool off, and Foduck does it right away.




Foduck's Hurt Feelings14:08

Foduck's Hurt Feelings

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