"The watched fishing line never catches the cod"
— Fundy, Hank's Hiccups, third season

  • Type: Fishing Boat

Fundy is a small fishing boat who lives in a small cove just outside the Big Harbour.


He is well known to everyone else for always using figures of speech, which is really his way of giving wise advice. Fundy and Theodore often spoke in the series, and Phillip and Filmore have met him by traveling to his cove! He also appeared in the book Theodore Hugs The Coast. [1]



  • Fundy's model was sold on ebay.
  • He was named after a bay in Nova Scotia which has the highest and lowest tides in the world


Filmore: Hi Fundy. I'm Filmore. I came to visit you. You are Fundy aren't you?
Fundy: What's in a name. A boat by any other name, would smell as fishy.
Filmore (thinking in his thoughts): Fundy really does say strange things.

- A conversation between Filmore and Fundy, Theodore and the Runaway Ferry, season 4

Fundy: The ocean wasn't filled in a day.
Theodore (thinking in his thoughts): Fundy does say some strange things




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