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"Morning, Hank!"
— Shediac

Hank Stays Up Late

Robert D. Cardona


Andrew Cochran


Andrew Cochran
Jeff Rosen


The Harbour Master
(Denny Doherty)

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Hank Stays Up Late is the sixteenth episode of the fifth season.


Hank finds that tagging along with Theodore on the night shift is a great adventure. He doesn't know which he enjoys more: listening to Owan, the Oil Rig's stories, playing games with Northumberland Submarine, or learning from Constance, the Coast Guard Ship how to navigate using the Big Dipper. Hank is so excited and feels so grown-up that he stays up all night. The next day the young tug is too sleepy to do his own job, but that doesn't stop him from returning to his new friends again that night. This time, however, everyone is too busy working to play with him. He is just in the way. Hank realizes that visiting Owan feels special once in awhile, but doing his own job makes him feel special and important every day. He heads for home so he can rest up for the next day's assignments.



  • After Constance tells everyone to turn off their lights, Hank's lights are turned off but come back on afterwards.

Video Release


Hank Stays Up Late14:30

Hank Stays Up Late

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