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"He, he! You gonna cry now?!"
— Oliver, Theodore and the Bully, third season

  • Type: Ocean Tug
  • V-word: Vast

Oliver The Vast is a tugboat from another harbour with a blue cap.


Oliver is a large ocean tug, brought to the Big Harbour to help move Owan. He is disliked by both George and Owan because of of how mean-spirited and nasty he is, and especially took pleasure in bumping and bullying Theodore, no matter how hard he tried to be friends with him. Eventually Theodore began to feel uncomfortable with Oliver and told on him to the Dispatcher, who sent him home in disgrace for his bullying.


He only appears in the third season episode Theodore and the Bully.


  • His model was later used for Sigrid.
  • Unlike George, Foduck, and Emily, he does not carry his V-Word (The Vast) on his back, only his name, Oliver.



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