"Theodore, mind your course!"
— Petra, Theodore's Bad Dreams, first season


Petra is one of the Big Harbour's two pilot boats who patrol the harbour and sometimes help the tugs with moving ship to their docks. They both used to have a problem with not listening to the tugboats, which caused a lot of confusion.


Petra was the second pilot boat to come to the harbour and has a closer relationship with the tugboats, having more of a kind, supportive side than Pearl. She was a bit shy at first about coming to the Big Harbour until Theodore introduced her to everyone. She also enjoys playing "hide and surprise" with Theodore and Barrington on occassion.

Both Pearl and Petra are hard working and work together with the tugs to keep the harbour running properly.



  • Petra is the youngest of the two pilot boats.
  • Petra's model was one of the few models to be sold complete on ebay.
  • Petra was much stricter in the first season.
  • The back wheel of her wheel chassis is simply a desk chair wheel.


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