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Gerta sleeping near Pier 21.

Pier 21 is a former ocean liner terminal and is Canada's National Museum of Immigration in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Pier 21 is part of a long seawall and series of sheds known in the past as "Ocean Terminals" and today as the "Halifax Seaport". Pier 21 operated as an ocean liner terminal and immigration shed from 1928 to 1971 and became an immigration museum in 1999. Pier 21 is Canada's last remaining ocean immigration shed. The facility is often compared to Ellis Island, although this term is also used to describe the immigration station at Grosse Isle, Quebec.

The sheds attached to Pier operate as a cruise ship terminal today, docking the cruise ships which were the inspirarion for Queen Stephanie.

The distinctive brick sheds occupied by Pier 21 appear as a scaled down model as part of the building set for the Big Harbour attached to the The Harbour Master's office on the far end.

Theodore Tugboat/Theodore Too

Pier 21 appears in the book Theodore Too and the Too-long Nap, which is also set in Halifax Harbour.

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