PolyGram Video (a future division of Universal Music Group) released 8 VHS tapes of Theodore Tugboat in Canada on behalf of The Children's Group Inc.


  1. Theodore to the Rescue - Theodore to the Rescue / Theodore and the Northern Lights
  2. Theodore's Whistle - Theodore's Whistle / George's Ghost
  3. Theodore's Big Adventure - Theodore and the Oil Rig / Hank and the Hug
  4. Whale of a Tug - Whale of a Tug / Carla the Cool Cabin Cruiser
  5. Hank and the Night Light - Hank and the Night Light / Theodore Hugs the Coast
  6. Theodore and the Harbour Crane - Theodore and the Harbour Crane / Hank's Wheezy Whistle
  7. Theodore and the Treasure Team - Northumberland is Missing / All Quiet in the Big Harbour
  8. Emily Goes Overboard - Emily Goes Overboard / Dartmouth Says Goodbye


  • Only volumes 1-4 were shown in the preview for these tapes.
  • A set of stickers was sold with each tape.
  • PolyGram also released one TUGS tape in the UK through Pocket Money Video.


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