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  1. All Quiet in the Big Harbour - The Dispatcher orders all the tugs to be quiet and the rest of the Big Harbour.
  2. Theodore to the Rescue - While trying to rescue Digby, the disaster-prone cable ship, Theodore ignores some danger warnings and gets himself into trouble, too.
  3. A Joke Too Far - Theodore and Barrington hide from the others as a practical joke, but things get a little out of hand.
  4. Theodore and the Ice Ship - Theodore, George, and Hank find an enormous ice sculpture floating in the water, but can't tell what the object inside it is. It turns out to be Shamus the Fishing Trawler, and soon the tugs see how wonderful the ice ship was on the inside when he was good for nothing on the outside.
  5. Big Harbour Fools Day - It's "Big Harbour Fools' Day" but unfortunately, George doesn't take a liking to any of the jokes being played. The tugs are soon able to change his mind.
  6. Grumpy Garbage Barge/Theodore and the Grumpy Garbage Barge - Guysborough the Garbage Barge turns Theodore's normal mood of being a bright and cheerful scamp into an old scrooge.
  7. Theodore Hugs the Coast - The Dispatcher sends Theodore out on a job where it is vital that he hugs the coast. Unfortunately he becomes distracted and disobeys orders. But he meets lots of new friends on the way and finally becomes an ocean tug.
  8. Hank's Hiccups - Hank has a severe case of the hiccups that interfere with his work. He spends the whole day trying to get rid of them by using different methods. But what gets rid of them, is when Hank forgets about his hiccups to save a ship from danger.
  9. Hank's New Name - A large ocean barge named Shelburne is brought in to live in the Big Harbour and the tugboats are amazed at not just his size, but his name. This results in Hank changing his name to Henry and from this comes a multitude of name changes, minus Theodore who likes his name. After a confused Dispatcher gives out his jobs, George, Emily and Hank go to move Barrington, leaving Theodore to move Shelburne which results in a barge runaway. In the end, Hank saves Shelburne from hitting Willy's Island. At the end of the day, Hank realizes he likes his name and he decides to go back to it.
  10. Theodore and the Northern Lights - Foduck finally learns to appreciate Kulu the Canoe's tales of magic and mystery.
  11. Big Harbor Birthday - The other tugs trick Theodore into thinking they've forgotten all about his birthday.
  12. Theodore's Backwards Day - Theodore's engine breaks down in such a way that he can only move backwards. The incident causes Theodore to feel so embarrassed, that he hides from the rest of the tugs until he manages to get his engine fixed.
  13. Scally's Stuff - A charming new container ship named Scally dazzles everyone with his flashy haul, but they soon learn that what glitters is not always useful.
  14. Theodore's Big Friend/Theodore and the Stubborn Ship - When Theodore is in charge of a ship's arrival, things go awry when the ship decides to go in by himself and dock right in the middle of the harbour. When Theodore has to spend the night next to the ship, he learns that the big ship only misses his friend. So he and Theodore become very good friends, and the ship learns that everyone needs tugboats. -
  15. Emily and the Missing Barge/Theodore and the Missing Barge - Carla wants to play around with the tugs but founds them all too busy.
  16. Theodore and the Borrowed Bell - Hank accidentally bumps Northumberland's bell into the water.
  17. Emily's Close Call - Emily learns that picking up unknown objects are dangerous.
  18. Emily's New Hat - Emily feels better after finally telling the Dispatcher the real reason she doesn't want a new hat.
  19. Emily and the Tug-Of-War - George tries to convince Emily that she can't participate in a tug-of-war because she's a girl.
  20. Theodore and the Lost Bell Buoy - Foduck warns Theodore about spinning buoys, but doesn't listen and ends up having to rescue a stranded Bedford.
  21. Theodore and the Boat Bully - A new tug comes to the harbour to work for a while. His name is Oliver the Vast. After running into him a few times, Theodore is certain that Oliver is a bully and that he doesn't want to be Theodore's friend. Theodore finally tells the Dispatcher about Oliver, and the next day, Oliver gets sent back across the ocean.
  22. George and the Underwater Mystery - Foduck's sonar detects that there is something big at the bottom of the harbour. He asks Theodore and George to help him find out what it is. Theodore decides to use Shelburne and Northumberland to help out, but when George starts to give too many orders, nothing goes right. When they all work together, they raise what turns out to be a fallen satellite.
  23. R. Boat and the Queen - Theodore helps a very gloomy rowboat learn to look on the bright side of things.
  24. Hank and the Night Light - Hank gets scared of the dark and realizes that it's OK to want a little help from a night light.
  25. Theodore and the Pirate - A rumor that a pirate boat is hiding in the Big Harbour gets everyone on full alert—but just how reliable is the source?


Characters Introduced


Theodore Tugboat-All Quiet In The Big Harbor-014:18

Theodore Tugboat-All Quiet In The Big Harbor-0

Theodore to the Rescue14:51

Theodore to the Rescue

A Joke Too Far13:50

A Joke Too Far

Theodore and the Ice Ship13:57

Theodore and the Ice Ship

Big Harbour Fools Day13:40

Big Harbour Fools Day

Theodore & the Grumpy Garbage Barge14:10

Theodore & the Grumpy Garbage Barge

Theodore Hugs the Coast15:36

Theodore Hugs the Coast

Hank's Hiccups13:26

Hank's Hiccups

Theodore Tugboat-Hank's New Name-114:22

Theodore Tugboat-Hank's New Name-1

Theodore & the Northern Lights15:31

Theodore & the Northern Lights

Big Harbour Birthday13:47

Big Harbour Birthday

Theodore's Backwards Day14:50

Theodore's Backwards Day

Theodore Tugboat-Scally's Stuff-013:49

Theodore Tugboat-Scally's Stuff-0

Theodore Tugboat-Theodore's Big Friend14:22

Theodore Tugboat-Theodore's Big Friend

Theodore & the Missing Barge14:12

Theodore & the Missing Barge

Theodore & the Borrowed Bell14:06

Theodore & the Borrowed Bell

Emily's Close Call13:45

Emily's Close Call

Emily's New Hat - Theodore Tugboat13:51

Emily's New Hat - Theodore Tugboat

Emily and the Tug of War13:32

Emily and the Tug of War

Theodore Tugboat-Theodore And The Lost Bell Buoy13:48

Theodore Tugboat-Theodore And The Lost Bell Buoy

Theodore and the Boat Bully14:24

Theodore and the Boat Bully

George and the Underwater Mystery13:55

George and the Underwater Mystery


R. Boat and the Queen - Theodore Tugboat

Hank and the Nightlight14:57

Hank and the Nightlight

Theodore Tugboat-Theodore And The Pirate13:50

Theodore Tugboat-Theodore And The Pirate

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