The fourth season is the second to last season of the series. It was airing between 1998 to 1999. It had 30 episodes, all narrated by Denny Doherty.


  1. Foduck's Hurt Feelings - Foduck discovers that it's OK to be angry as long as you talk about it afterward.
  2. Theodore's Tough Tugging - Theodore and George are having trouble getting along, but sleepy Northumberland and ultra-loud Owan provide an example of working together by accepting each other's differences.
  3. Theodore's Ocean Adventure - When Rebecca becomes trapped by a giant iceberg, Theodore discovers that he knows more than he thought he did about what to do.
  4. Theodore's New Job - When he is promoted to bell buoys, Theodore has to learn how to be a good boss.
  5. Digby's Disaster - The other ships ignore disaster-prone Digby while working on a big project, but a slipped cable gives him the chance to show how useful he can be.
  6. Dartmouth Says Goodbye - When it's time for him to leave the Big Harbour and go home, Dartmouth the cable ship helps Theodore understand that he's not losing a companion—he's gaining a friend in a whole new place.
  7. George's Funny Noise- Theodore learns that a very sensitive engine beats beneath George's bluster.
  8. Rebecca's Treasure - Theodore thinks that a day with Rebecca the Research Vessel will be boring—but is pleasantly surprised when he finally gives it a chance.
  9. Guysborough's Garbage - A giant supertanker helps the tugs see that everyone has an important part to play in making the Big Harbour a special place.
  10. Theodore's Visit to Ceilidh's Cove - Emily returns from her latest ocean-going adventure, and an envious Theodore wonders whether he'll ever be big enough to leave the harbour himself.
  11. George's Turn - George is sure he already has enough friends, until he discovers that he and Sigrid the Supply Ship have something unusual in common.
  12. Theodore Lands On Earth - After being tossed around all night by a storm, Theodore wishes he could live on land. But a stretch in dry dock changes his mind.
  13. Hank Makes a Friend  - Hank discovers that the best way to make a friend is just to be himself.
  14. Foduck Blows His Stack - Foduck learns a lesson in patience.
  15. Sigrid and the Bumpers - Sigrid the Supply Ship reveals her secret dream: to be a tugboat.
  16. Hank's Wheezy Whistle - Hank manages to fix his malfunctioning whistle just in time for Tugboat Race Day.
  17. Theodore and the Haunted Houseboat - Once Foduck realizes how real Theodore's fears of the Haliburton Houseboat are, he also learns how he can be a better friend.
  18. Northumberland is Missing - Northumberland Submarine wanders off by himself, without telling anyone where he's going, and gets trapped in an underwater cave.
  19. Emily Goes Overboard - Emily discovers her limits while making tricky turns at Pictou Peaks.
  20. Emily and the Splash - Emily, Sigrid, and Theodore can't agree on the best way to explore a sandy shore, so they decide to take turns.
  21. Rebecca and the Big Snore - When Benjamin Bridge's snoring tries their patience, Rebecca and Theodore both realize that no one is perfect.
  22. Theodore and the Lies - Theodore tells a lie to get out of dock duty so he can go racing with Hank, and a fire breaks out while he should have been standing watch.
  23. Theodore's Bright Idea - Theodore makes the best of a bad situation when Lillie the Lighthouse is unable to warn an approaching ship because of her sore throat.
  24. George and the Navy Ship - While trying to be just like his hero, Nautilus the Navy ship, George discovers that some things aren't as easy as they look.
  25. Theodore's Prize - Theodore loses a tugging contest but learns that the best prize is a job well done.
  26. The Dispatcher's Best Birthday - The tugs run out of time while getting ready for the Dispatcher's birthday party.
  27. Emily's Easy Job - Theodore learns that everyone is good at doing different things.
  28. Nautilus and the Sinking Ship - The tugs learn the importance of asking for help while conducting a daring rescue operation.
  29. Owan On the Loose - Owan has to calm his own panic before he can rescue his friend Sigrid.
  30. Emily's Bruised Bumper - When she bruises her bumper and can't do her usual work, Emily worries that she's no longer important. But she learns that other things make her special, too.


Characters Introduced


Foduck's Hurt Feelings14:08

Foduck's Hurt Feelings

Theodore Tugboat-Theodore's Tough Tugging13:52

Theodore Tugboat-Theodore's Tough Tugging

Theodore Tugboat-Theodore's Ocean Adventure13:50

Theodore Tugboat-Theodore's Ocean Adventure

Theodore Tugboat-Theodore's New Job14:23

Theodore Tugboat-Theodore's New Job

Theodore Tugboat-Digby's Disaster13:49

Theodore Tugboat-Digby's Disaster

Theodore Tugboat-Dartmouth Says Goodbye14:51

Theodore Tugboat-Dartmouth Says Goodbye

Theodore Tugboat-George And The Funny Noise-214:51

Theodore Tugboat-George And The Funny Noise-2

Theodore Tugboat-Rebecca's Treasure13:52

Theodore Tugboat-Rebecca's Treasure

Theodore Tugboat-Guysborough's Garbage13:57

Theodore Tugboat-Guysborough's Garbage

Theodore's Visit to Ceilidh's Cove14:00

Theodore's Visit to Ceilidh's Cove

Theodore Tugboat-George's Turn-013:52

Theodore Tugboat-George's Turn-0

Theodore Tugboat-Theodore Lands On Earth-113:50

Theodore Tugboat-Theodore Lands On Earth-1

Theodore Tugboat-Hank Makes A Friend13:49

Theodore Tugboat-Hank Makes A Friend

Theodore Tugboat-Foduck Blows His Stack-114:23

Theodore Tugboat-Foduck Blows His Stack-1

Sigrid and the Bumpers Theodore Tugboat14:19

Sigrid and the Bumpers Theodore Tugboat

Theodore Tugboat-Hank's Wheezy Whistle-014:51

Theodore Tugboat-Hank's Wheezy Whistle-0

Theodore Tugboat-Theodore And The Haunted Houseboat13:51

Theodore Tugboat-Theodore And The Haunted Houseboat

Northumberland is Missing!14:52

Northumberland is Missing!

Theodore Tugboat-Emily Goes Overboard14:51

Theodore Tugboat-Emily Goes Overboard

Theodore Tugboat-Emily And The Splash13:53

Theodore Tugboat-Emily And The Splash

Theodore Tugboat-Rebecca And The Big Snore13:58

Theodore Tugboat-Rebecca And The Big Snore

Theodore Tugboat-Theodore Tells A Lie-114:23

Theodore Tugboat-Theodore Tells A Lie-1

Theodore Tugboat-Theodore's Bright Idea14:23

Theodore Tugboat-Theodore's Bright Idea

George and the Navy Ship Theodore Tugboat14:03

George and the Navy Ship Theodore Tugboat

Theodore Tugboat-Theodore's Prize14:22

Theodore Tugboat-Theodore's Prize

Theodore Tugboat-The Dispatcher's Best Birthday-014:19

Theodore Tugboat-The Dispatcher's Best Birthday-0

Theodore Tugboat-Emily's Easy Job14:20

Theodore Tugboat-Emily's Easy Job

Nautilus & the Sinking Ship13:47

Nautilus & the Sinking Ship

Theodore Tugboat-Owan On The Loose13:47

Theodore Tugboat-Owan On The Loose

Theodore Tugboat-Emily's Bruised Bumper13:50

Theodore Tugboat-Emily's Bruised Bumper

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