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  1. Theodore Shares his Story - Theodore learns that it can be more fun to listen than to do all the talking.
  2. Hank Hurts a Ship - Hank discovers how sometimes words can hurt.
  3. Theodore and the Harbour Crane - Theodore wants to be like his friend Clayton, but later realizes that everyone is good at doing different things.
  4. Theodore On Time - When he remembers to fill his oil each morning without being reminded, Theodore gets an unexpected reward.
  5. George's Big Hurry - George rushes everybody and ends up causing an accident.
  6. Theodore and the Buoy Boat - When Baddeck the Buoy Boat comes to visit, Theodore discovers that sharing friends can double the fun.
  7. Theodore Gets Lost - Theodore gets to bring in a ship all by himself, but gets lost in the fog.
  8. Hank's Funny Feeling - Hank learns from Malarkey on how to tow, but isn't comfortable doing it secretly.
  9. Theodore and the Runaway Ferry - Filmore got bored of going back and forth and decides to explore the outside world.
  10. Theodore and the Scared Ship - Theodore convinces that the scariest things are not to be scared about to Seabright.
  11. Foduck in Reverse - Foduck has so much fun going backwards that he decides to try doing it all the time.
  12. Hank and the Sunken Ship - Hank discovers that he doesn't have to be better than everyone else to be liked.
  13. Theodore and the Bickering Barges - Theodore gets fed up with Bayswater and Brunswick's arguing.
  14. Theodore the All-Powerful - Hank thinks Theodore has super powers.
  15. George and the Flags - On Flag Day, George is so excited about showing off all his flags that he completely ignores a new container ship.
  16. Hank Stays Up Late - Hank tags along with Theodore on the night shift.
  17. Theodore the Tattletug - Theodore gets carried away with reporting every little incident in the harbor to the Dispatcher.
  18. Brunswick's Big Scare - Brunswick, the thrill-seeking barge, gets more than he bargained for when he and Theodore end up caught in a storm.
  19. Hank and the Silly Faces - Hank meets a fishing trawler Millie, who also has eye sight problems.
  20. Emily Finds a Friend - Carla keeps trying to tell Emily what to do, so Emily finally tries hiding from her in a far-away cove.
  21. Hank's Cozy Cove - While the dock is being dredged, the tugs must sleep in a strange cove.
  22. Theodore and the Hunt for Northumberland - When Stewiacke the Salvage Ship arrives in the harbour with Pugwash the Mini-sub, Northumberland goes into hiding. He's afraid that Pugwash will bump him like she always does, but later sees that people change sometimes.
  23. Bedford's Big Move - Bedford Buoy feels sad that he can't go anywhere, and asks Baddeck the Buoy Boat to take him to another harbour. Only with the love of his friends, does he decide to change his mind.
  24. Emily Drifts Off - Emily starts to drift off every time she falls asleep. She thinks it's really Theodore playing a joke on her, until he wakes her from another drift. They soon figure out a way to keep Emily from ever drifting again.
  25. Guysborough Makes a Friend - Digby the Cable Ship wants to meet Guysborough the Garbage Barge, but Theodore isn't so sure it's a good idea.
  26. Theodore and the Missing Siren - While conducting a search, Theodore learns how useful it can be to try staying put and shouting rather than running around.
  27. Pugwash is Gone! - Pugwash is sent to Ceilidh's Cove with George and Foduck to search for a piece of cargo that fell off of a ship. While George and Foduck show off to the boats who live in the cove, Pugwash wanders off. Theodore arrives to see chaos, and figures out a way to bring Pugwash back to the surface.
  28. Theodore and the Unsafe Ship - A ship is putting the whole harbor at risk with his unsafe sailing practices, but nothing Theodore says can make him change his ways.
  29. Emily and the Sleep-Over - Emily goes to have a sleep over with Carla, Sigrid, and Dorothy at Ceilidh's Cove. They decide to visit Shipwreck Rock, where things start to get a little spooky after Emily tells them the story of the Sea Beagle.
  30. Foduck and the Shy Ship - Foduck has his regular night safety patrol, but no one seems to enjoy his loud job. He is then told of a ship that's too shy to come into the harbour, and goes to convince the ship that the harbour is safe and friendly.
  31. Theodore Takes Charge - Theodore learns that true friends will respect you for getting the job done.
  32. Theodore's Bright Night - The tugs are upset when they find out that the Queen Stephanie is going to be late.
  33. George Waits His Turn - George and Emily are sent to stop a runaway iceberg, but first they have to resolve their own disagreement on how to proceed.
  34. Hank Floats Forward - Hank is finally allowed to move ships by himself, but gets too excited.
  35. Theodore's Big Decision - Pugwash has disappeared, and Theodore must make a choice about whether to speak up about what he knows.


Characters Introduced


  • This season has the most episodes.

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