"We're ready for action!"
— Shelburne, Northumberland is Missing, fourth season

  • Type: Salvage Barge

Shelburne is a giant sea barge designed for longer journeys on the open ocean. He sometimes requires two tugs to move. He has a very slow and sluggish nature which is epitomized by his slow speech. Shelburne is often seen helping the tugs raise items out of the ocean with his hook or special dredge. He is also part of the "The Oceanic Institute" with Rebecca, Theodore and Northumberland where they find old sunken ship parts, bells, oil barrels and is sometimes brought to rescue Northumberland and Pugwash if they are in trouble. Shelburne is a really useful crane barge, used greatly for maintenance and rescue operations around the Big Harbour.  [1]



  • He is named after the town of Shelburne in Nova Scotia.


  • ERTL (discontinued)


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