"You don't really need bumpers to be a tugboat."
— Sigrid, Sigrid and the Bumpers, fourth season
  • Type: Supply Ship

Sigrid is a supply ship who works with Owan out at sea.


Her main job as a supply ship is to collect machine parts and bring them to Owan as he works out in the ocean. She also has a helipad with a helicopter for transporting supplies via air. She is good friends with Emily and the other tugboats and has always wanted to be one herself. She once helped them dock a ship in a storm and was given a green bumper so that she could be a one of them too. [1]


Sigrid is very kind, polite, and eager-to-please, and often acts a sisterly figure, particularly toward Emily and Dorothy.



  • Her model was made out from Oliver.
  • She was originally going to have an ERTL model, but it was cancelled.
  • Her model is currently in storage at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.
  • She is the only other vessel in the television series, who is not a tugboat, to have a visible nose and a mouth.




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