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"Yes, Mr. Dishwasher!"
Carla, Carla the Cool Cabin Cruiser, second season

The Dispatcher

The Dispatcher, who has been called "The Dishwasher" by Carla, is a rotating building on The Great Ocean Tug and Salvage Company Dock who gives the tugs their jobs for the day. He has a black mustache and a flag on his head.


He is usually very serious and stern with the tugs, but they are always respectful to him because of his father-like figure. He shows that he cares for the tugs by disciplining them for their faults, and by counseling them for their mistakes. And like a father, he always has a gentle side to him and is always there when the tugboats need his help the most.[1]



  • The Dispatcher's model is currently on display at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.
  • During Season 5, there is a gap between The Dispatcher's mustache and head.


  • ERTL (discontinued)
  • Brio (discontinued)


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