"Why, that is the cutest little whistle!"
— Katherine commenting about Theodore's whistle

Theodore's Whistle is the first episode of the second season.
Theodore's Whistle

David Coole


Andrew Cochran


Jeff Rosen


The Harbour Master
(Denny Doherty)

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Theodore and the Big Harbour

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George's Ghost


Theodore and Hank were guiding Katherine when Theodore whistled to Hank. Katherine then made a comment, saying that his whistle is cute and little. Theodore couldn't believe it and got infuriated.

By the time Theodore and Hank got to the docks, Theodore had a big frown and was so angry. He didn't think a cute, little whistle is fit for an important and special tug like him.

Later that day, Theodore met Emily docking Isabel, a cargo ship. Emily blasted back to say that she could handle the docking situation. Theodore then tried to change the pitch of his whistle when he heard his whistle and felt like his whistle is just not good enough. Then, Theodore tried making a whistle sound just like Emily's whistle. Emily heard the whistle and suggested that maybe Theodore had better go to the repair yards.

Theodore met Foduck later that day on his official safety patrol. They both stopped to let the twin ferries come through. Theodore thought that Foduck's whistle is very serious as if he seemed to say that he's doing important things. Theodore thought that maybe he should make his whistle sound like Foduck's. When Foduck heard the sound, he mistakes it as if there's a giant bat in the harbour, and Foduck rushed off to warn everyone. Theodore was upset that Foduck thinks the whistle means that there's a bat.

Hank was just getting ready to pull Bobby barge when Theodore rushed over. Hank began to pull and made a loud whistle. His whistle seemed to say that he's ready for anything. Theodore decided that maybe his whistle should sound like Hank's whistle. Theodore rushed over to Hank and blew a whistle that sounded a bit like Hank's whistle, but a bit jumbled up or wrecked. Theodore questions Hank his opinion about the whistling, and Hank says that it sounds fresh, which somehow Theodore had a frown on his face, and then he just sailed off.

On Theodore's way home, he met George moving Owan, the giant oil rig. George let a long and loud blast from his whistle. To Theodore, George's whistle sounded loud and long and bold. So Theodore decided that maybe he should try to make his whistle sound like George's whistle. The big harbour shook with a sound of...nothing, and that is where Theodore realizes that he has worn out his whistle and cannot whistle.

That afternoon, the tugs were testing themselves to look shipshape for the Queen Stephanie's arrival. So the tugs blew their whistles, except Theodore couldn't blow his whistle anymore. Everyone knew that seeing as Theodore cannot make a whistle sound, Theodore had to miss out on one of his most favorite jobs; escorting the Queen Stephanie.

So Theodore was so depressed and so unhappy that he had to miss out on escorting the Queen Stephanie as a result. He watched sadly as the other tugs were escorting the queen. The queen misses Theodore.

So that night, Emily told Theodore that the Queen Stephanie wants to see Theodore. Theodore went off to see the queen, and it was a sight of the queen just sitting there. The Queen Stephanie seemed like a large city palace suspended in the sky. The queen says that she missed Theodore. Theodore felt a bit depressed. He felt upset, too. Theodore told the Queen that he wore out his whistle. That is when the Queen Stephanie tells Theodore that his whistle is perfect just the way it is. Every tugboat has their own special whistles in his own ways. Theodore learns that he can only be himself and he needs to stop trying to make whistle sounds just like the other tugboats so he can give it a rest. Theodore also learns to appreciate the value that he really is. Theodore sailed home and said "goodnight" to the Queen Stephanie.



  • This story received a book adaptation due to popularity.
  • New models of the tugs were used in this episode onwards.
  • First appearance of Katherine.
  • The Swedish VHS title translates to "Horn", while the DVD title translates to "Theodore's Horn".
  • Stock footage from Theodore and the Queen is used.


  • When The Dispatcher makes his surprise announcement in one shot, Katherine is behind Theodore and Hank, and in the next shots, she disappears. This is because footage from Emily the Vigorous is used.
  • Hank usually pulls barges from the side, but in this episode, he pulls Bobby Barge from the front.
  • Katherine's eyes are wonky in two scenes.
  • Owan's eyes are wonky.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Norwegian Theodor's Fløyte Theodore's Flute
Finnish Teodorin Vihellys Theodore's Whistle
Danish Theodors Horn Theodore's Horn
Dutch Theodoor's Scheephoorn Theodoor's Horn
Swedish Tutan Horn

Video Release



Slæbebåden Theodor • Theodors Horn13:21

Slæbebåden Theodor • Theodors Horn

Danish Dub

Theodore Tugboat-Theodore's Whistle-014:50

Theodore Tugboat-Theodore's Whistle-0

English Dub

Theodoor Sleepboot-Theodoor's Scheephoorn (Theodore's Whistle-Dutch)13:21

Theodoor Sleepboot-Theodoor's Scheephoorn (Theodore's Whistle-Dutch)

Dutch Dub

Bosse bogserbåt - Bosses signalhorn-012:36

Bosse bogserbåt - Bosses signalhorn-0

Swedish Dub

Taubåten Theodor S02E01 - "Theodors fløyte"-012:49

Taubåten Theodor S02E01 - "Theodors fløyte"-0

Norwegian Dub

Teodor Pikku Hinaaja • Teodorin vihellys-013:22

Teodor Pikku Hinaaja • Teodorin vihellys-0

Finnish Dub

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