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"My name is Theodore Tugboat, I'm a tugboat!"
— Theodore greets Cumberland
Theodore's Big Friend/
Theodore and the Stubborn Ship

Andrew Cochran


Jeff Rosen
Andrew Cochran


The Harbour Master
(Denny Doherty)

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Theodore and the
Missing Barge

Theodore's Big Friend retitled Theodore and the Stubborn Ship is the fourteenth episode of the third season.


Theodore dreads spending the entire night next to a ship that had treated him so rudely. The tug knows that Cumberland's special engines enable him to steer without a tug's help, but that does not excuse the ship's silent rebuff of Theodore's greeting or his refusal to move out of the middle of the Harbour. Theodore is assigned to make sure that no one collides with the visitor in the dark. Trying to make the best of a bad situation, Theodore starts a conversation about how he misses Emily, who is away on an ocean assignment. Cumberland startles Theodore by sharing that he, too, misses a special friend. They realize that everyone, big or small, can have similar feelings. And Cumberland learns that he may not need a tugboat, but he does need a friend.



  • First and only appearance of Conrad Explorer.
  • This is Cumberland's first speaking role.


  • When the harbour master says "The great ship said nothing" the top of the set can be seen.


Episode (Norwegian version with English subtitles)

Theodore's Big Friend English Subtitles12:10

Theodore's Big Friend English Subtitles

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