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"Everyone has time to welcome new ships, except me."
— Theodore
Theodore On Time

David Coole


Andrew Cochran


Andrew Cochran
Jeff Rosen


The Harbour Master
(Denny Doherty)

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Theodore on Time is the fourth episode of the fifth season.


Theodore is very excited that its his week to welcome arriving ships to the harbour, but he has forgotten to check his oil, so everyone has to wait while he goes to the oil dock. They are annoyed that the delay makes them miss their chance to swap stories with the new ship named Clementine. The same thing happens the next morning, but this time the other tugs don't wait. Theodore feels especially bad when his friends return to the dock with stories of the things he missed. By the third day, Theodore has learned his lesson. This time when The Dispatcher asks Theodore if he has checked his oil, Theodore answers with a smile, 'yes.'



Theodore Tugboat-Theodore On Time13:51

Theodore Tugboat-Theodore On Time

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