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"Well, I'm Theodore T. Tugboat and I'm not a put-put!"
— Theodore's protest to Benjamin Bridge

Theodore and the Big Harbour

Robert D. Cardona


Andrew Cochran


Jeff Rosen


The Harbour Master
(Denny Doherty)

Air date

August 1 1993

Previous episode

Best Friends

Next episode

Theodore's Whistle

Theodore and the Big Harbour is the twentieth and last episode of the first season.


It's his first day in the Big Harbour and Theodore is overwhelmed. So many things are different! At home, he had his own dock, but here he has to share with Hank. At home, he was a puller but here he is only allowed to push. And so many things don't make sense. Theodore has never seen ferries, so when he sees the twins going back and forth, he assumes they must be lost. He's also never heard of a v-tug. So, when he sees Emily leaving the Harbour for the open ocean, he assumes she is breaking the rules. So, he tows her back to The Dispatcher. The young tug's mistakes make him feel foolish and sad. But the other tugs appreciate Theodore's effort, allowing him to see the bright side of being a small tug in a big Harbour, where he can dream of being a v-tug and make new friends.



  • Originally this was supposed to be the first episode, but was changed to air as the last episode of the first season.
  • Foduck does not have his V-Word in this episode, so the episode takes place before Foduck The Vigilant.
  • Theodore, Hank, Emily, George, Foduck, The Dispatcher, Phillip, Filmore, Benjamin, Pearl, and Margaree Pride are introduced in this episode, timeline wise.


  • When Theodore is returning to the docks, a gap in his mouth plate is seen.
  • Even though Theodore and Hank are supposed to be sleeping, their caps are not covering their faces properly, so their eyes are clearly seen still open.
  • The same gap is seen on George when he rolls his eyes, and Emily's closeup.
  • The Harbour Master claims to be going back to work, but was doodling.
  • Most of the characters in this episode are out of persona.
  • Even though it was the pilot episode, it was the last episode of the first season.
  • Theodore passes Lilly twice when he said, "The Big Harbour seems so...well...big!".
  • Bedford's and Lilly's eyebrows are missing.
  • The Dispatcher should have easily spotted Theodore when they first meet.
  • When Philip and Filmore say "We're not lost", they pass each other, but when they says "Because we're ferries!" they pass each other again.
  • George's v-word is different in the close ups.
  • Emily should have been outside the harbour long ago since she left on the morning work meeting.
  • The narration says that Emily passed the last marked buoy in the harbour but there is only one buoy in the harbour.
  • When the tugs are honking near the end, Foduck's whistle can be heard even though he is not there.
  • When Theodore says "Going out on the ocean" Philip or Filmore is moving in the background but when Theodore says "a V", the ferry has stop moving and then begins to move again when Hank approaches.



Theodore Tugboat Theodore & the Big Harbour better quality13:57

Theodore Tugboat Theodore & the Big Harbour better quality

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