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"Well this "Sirenne" be'd more than just a beautiful memory."
— Digby
Theodore and the Missing Siren

Peter Sutherland


Andrew Cochran


Vicki Grant


The Harbour Master
(Denny Doherty)

Air date

June 4th 2001

Previous episode

Guysborough Makes
a Friend

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Pugwash is Gone!

Theodore and the Missing Siren is the twenty-sixth episode of the fifth season.


Theodore is so excited by the bright red siren he's found, he can't wait to play with it. But by the time he finishes work, he has lost it. He looks everywhere, even places he hadn't visited that day. It finally occurs to him to ask his friends if anyone has seen the siren. Sure enough, Emma Sophia, who he had helped dock earlier, had found it. Theodore is happy to have the siren back, and is tempted to sound it, but that might make others think he is in trouble, and he isn't in trouble at all because he's found his siren.



Theodore & the Missing Siren13:50

Theodore & the Missing Siren

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